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“If you are a really good spy, no one will know

that you’ve been there and stole the secrets until years later when the history books are written.”


ISBN 1560256494

Denial and Deception - An Insider's View of the CIA


Melissa Boyle Mahle risked her life as a CIA field officer in the Middle East until her departure from the Agency in 2002. As a former clandestine operative, she has a unique vantage point from which to view the political and operational culture of the agency in the post-Cold War climate, and to reveal how the CIA failed to anticipate the 9/11 attacks. 


From Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush, Mahle provides a vivid personal and historical narrative of how the CIA became a rudderless organization, lost in the post-Cold War world.  Afraid to take risks that might offend Congress and European allies after overstepping its legal bounds in the Iran-Contra era, gutted of the clandestine operators who knew how to run secret wars, 

exhausted from reform whiplash, and demoralized by criticism and poor performance, the CIA simply became unable and unwilling "to get down and dirty to do the hard part to fight a real war on terrorism."  


In addition, the book chronicles what it is like to be a woman in the CIA. Within the agency culture, where career advancement for women—from advanced language training to choice assignments— requires overcoming hurdles that male colleagues do not face.


Denial and Deception is an unparalleled history of the CIA’s last two decades and is a unique contribution to our understanding of the secret world of intelligence.


ISBN  9780985227302

Mystery - Adventure - Espionage for age 8-13

Lost in Petra - Anatolia Steppe Mystery - Book 1


Lost in an exotic land where djinn play mean tricks and no one is who they seem to be, a young girl must find a fabled treasure first to save her mother's life.





Publishers Weekly Starred Review


Silver Moonbeam Award - Children's Pre-Teen Mystery



Uncovered in Istanbul - Anatolia Steppe Mystery Book 2


An old diary purchased in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul unlocks the legend of a mysterious girl in the Sultan's haram, a modern day assassination plot, and the secret life of Ana's father.




FOREWORD Reviews - The Indies We Love



Undercover Reading. Flashlight Required.


We write stories packed with real spy tips. If you pay close attention, you will learn how spies think and how real spies run operations.


Coming Soon.

Book 2 - Junior Spies.

Here's a hint. It's impossibly cute and lives in Africa. From a basement office in the White House to the roof of Kilimanjaro, the Junior Spies tackle their most difficult mission yet.

SpyGirls Press is an independant publisher of children's books for middle grade readers. 




ISBN  9780985227371

Camp Secret - Junior Spies - Book 1


Under the cover of a normal summer camp, a select group of recruits face weeks of training, mind games and betrayal in a top secret Junior Spy Program.


"Here's another piece of vital information that's sure to leak

all over the place soon: CAMP SECRET is one fun read!"

Chris Grabenstein, New York Times best-selling author


Gold Moonbeam Award - Children's Pre-Teen Mystery




ISBN  9780985227340

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