"Deception is my game."

9.12.2015:  Melissa inducted junior spies into their operational mission at Operation Secret Slumber.


9.10.2015:  Managing financial risk and running agents requires many of the same skills, Melissa told Powershares QQQ audience.


7.10.2015:  Melissa joined the CTY Discovery Series to talk SPY.


7.2.2015:  Melissa fired up 60 visitors to the International Spy Museum as part of the “Spy for the Day” program, launching them on their espionage adventure for the day.


6.18.2015: Melissa shared the secrets of writing spy stories at the International Spy Museum Spy Fiction workshop. 



6.15.2015:  Melissa spoke at Career Day to inspire Hunter Woods Elementary School students on careers in the intelligence community.


6.4.2015:  Melissa joined an exclusive group of former intelligence officials and community leaders at the International Spy Museum to launch the transition of the Museum to a new location as a non-profit organization contributing to the education of Americans on the history of intelligence.


6.3.2015: Melissa talked with a Virginia Falls Church Girl Scout troop about Spies and Detectives as the troop works toward their Detective Badge.


5.29.2015:  Melissa joined the International Spy Museum to visit with children and their parents at a Hope for Henry sponsored event with the cancer ward at Children’s Hospital.  This was a wonderful opportunity to capture the imaginations of the young and transport them to a fun and exciting world of espionage and intrigue. http://www.wusa9.com/story/news/local/dc/2015/05/29/spy-museum-sick-kids/28164387/


5.15.2015:  Melissa addressed the First Protocol group at the International Spy Museum, talking about espionage in the 21st Century, the ultimate sales job.


4.11.2015:  Melissa joined other authors to at the Loudoun County Public Library Author Fair, talking spy and inspiring readers.


4.25.2015:  Melissa inducted junior spies into their operational mission at Operation Secret Slumber.


2.25.2015:  Melissa had a hush-hush evening with the Truro Community discussing the day in the life of a spy.


2.21.2015:  Melissa talked Spy at Meet a Spy night at the International Spy Museum.


2.21.2015:  Melissa joined Johns Hopkins CTY Discovery Series to talk SPY.


1.30.2015:  Melissa wowed a crowd of 500 visitors at Spy Fest to talk SPY and inspire an interest in what real spies do.